Christmas Party – 06.12.2019

It´s christmas time and what could we do better than partyyyyyyyyyy?

This year’s company christmas party was on 06.12.2019, which is also the day of the holy St. Nikolaus. Therefore we took one of our employees and transformed him into an old man with long white beard and a red suit. After the christmas dinner, St. Nikolaus showed up and started a lottery (the collected money for lottery tickets was later donated to one of our employees and good colleague who had a terrible accident).

After everybody calmed down (because of the amazing lottery prices) we started the pub-quiz. People had to build teams and answer questions together. The questions were connected to the company and also about general knowledge. The first 3 teams got prices (which they later on shared with all the others).

As it got later and later, the music changed into something “more special” and people started dancing (you can also call it “jump around and scream something which his totally not connected to the lyrics”).


Overall the christmas party 2019 was a huge success and we are already looking forward to 2020!