COVID-19-Actions – 22.04.2020

Unfortunately COVID-19 also hit Cream Finance IT Austria GmbH. Here is a short summary about the actions we took:

  • At 16th of March 2020, all employees of Cream Finance IT Austria GmbH went into home-office
  • All our employees got, and still have the chance, to take all the equipment from work to their location (Laptops, Monitors, Keyboards, …) to improve the home-office working situation
  • We switched all of our meetings to a few different online communication tools
    • Video camera has to be enabled to make it more personal
  • We are having an update call twice a week with all of our employees
  • We are getting an COVID-19 update email with information from our partners once a week
  • We set up our own Discord Server for constant communication
  • We are doing surveys to measure the mood of our employees (“Corona-Mood-Barometer”)
  • We are providing a lot of information regarding
    • Yoga
    • Mental health
    • Workouts at home
    • Online games
    • Healthy food
  • Educational websites
  • We are doing Boardgame-Evenings online

Yes, COVID-19 hit us, but due to the fact that we are an IT-Company, it hit our operational process not as hard as other sectors. We have been able to switch to home-office very fast and after 4 weeks we see that it works. Of course, people had to adapt, but that´s always part of life. Sometimes it has to be fast, sometimes it takes months or years. Our normal life will come back soon. The question we have to ask is: “Did we learn something out of that crisis to make it better next time, or even prevent it to happen again?”